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Nurturing the Pregnant Couple

This five hour intensive course focuses on massage and yoga techniques to benefit the expectant mother, her partner and their baby.

Course will Include:

  • Couples Prenatal Yoga & Relaxation

This is an easy yoga for optimal bonding, stretching and deep relaxation. It includes many partner supported yoga positions, breathing exercises to expand lung capacity, and fun silly stretches to be done together.

  • Partner Massage or “Dad’s Need Massage Too!"

This is a simple shiatsu massage given in a sitting and floor position. It is designed to give the pregnant mom a gentle workout to strengthen her back hips and thighs for labor, as well as nurturing the partner.

  • Pregnancy Massage

This is a massage sequence that can be given on a massage table, side of the bed or floor. It is designed to give relaxation for common discomforts.

  • Labor Massage

Help Mom out with these massage techniques, positions, and acupressure points to assist in the process of labor.

  • Newborn and Infant Massage

What better way to bond with your new bundle of joy that to give the gift of touch, and relaxation! Studies have shown many benefits to the newborn and infant when massage is performed daily for 15 minutes a day. Learn how to relieve your baby’s stress, increase body weight, strengthen the immune system as well as receiving the added relaxation to the giver.

Course Cost is $1oo per couple with a maximum of 3 couples per session. Please Call for Class Schedule.

Justine Robinson LMT • 843-847-8955