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Who should have a natural labor stimulation massage?

A labor stimulation massage is given on or after the week of your estimated due date. You are not designed to be pregnant forever, so you can trust your body to do what it’s meant to do. However, natural methods of induction are a great way to try and stimulate labor or to ripen the cervix, especially if this means beating a medical induction (should you not go into spontaneous labor beforehand.)

What is a Labor Stimulation massage?

A labor stimulation massage is a relaxation massage combined with special essential oils and acupressure applied to specific parts of the body related to the preparation of the body for labor. A good relaxation induction massage can help elevate your natural levels of oxytocin. (This wonderful hormone is produced when you are relaxed and happy, in love, making love, when your baby is ready to be born, and during breast feeding which facilitates the intense bonding of mother and baby immediately after birth). The stimulation of acupressure points during the massage can assist in supporting natural body processes such as encouraging the decent of the baby, helping the cervix to dilate and facilitating uterine contractions. The massage also uses techniques to help release your sacrum and pelvic area therefore creating more space for your baby to move down into your pelvis. Freeing up your pelvis will also support you to be open to birth and allow your baby to pass through.

What would I expect to feel during and after the massage?

After your massage, you may start to show signs of pre-labor such as cramping in the lower back, mild downward bearing sensations or abdominal tightenings. Some women will have mild sensation during the massage while others will experience more. In any event, a woman is best advised to go straight home after treatment, and to rest and relax in preparation of what may come.

How long does the massage take and how many do I need?

A labor stimulation massage takes one hour to complete. It is recommended that you come back daily, or as often as possible, for repeat sessions (check the price list for specials). A natural induction takes time, and our approach is gentle and more effective when repeated. Labor stimulation massage sessions are offered to women who are 40 weeks and beyond, for whom no medical condition exists that would make labor stimulation inadvisable.

Does it always work?

These techniques work with the body’s own ability and willingness to let labor begin naturally. Labor stimulation massage is a very successful if your body and your baby are ready to go into labor however, please keep in mind that at the end of the day if your body or your baby are not ready then it doesn’t matter what you do, you cannot force something to happen. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a result right away. Perhaps leave it for a few days and then repeat the method or try another. Once your body is primed it is often more receptive to follow on methods. No method has a 100% success rate. This is mainly because babies like to come when they are ready be it earlier or later than your estimated due date.

There have been vast amounts of research done regarding the detrimental effects of delivering your baby early.  Therefore, we promote waiting until your due date to birth your baby.

Research shows that a baby’s brain at 35 weeks weighs only two-thirds what it will weigh at 39 to 40 weeks.

Why at least 39 weeks is best for your baby? According to the March of dimes:

  • Important organs, like his/her brain, lungs and liver get the time they need to develop.
  • He/she is less likely to have hearing and vision problems after birth.
  • He/she has time to gain more weight in the womb.  Babies born at a healthy weight have an easier time staying warm than babies that are born too small.
  • He/she can suck and swallow and stay awake long enogh to eat after he is born.  Babies born early sometimes can’t do these things.
  • March of Dimes