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Reproductive Wellness and Fertility Massage

What is Reproductive Wellness and Fertility Massage?

A combination of specific massage techniques that help to create an optimum environment for conception.
Who can benefit from these techniques?

Women dealing with PCOS, Endometriosis, pelvic adhesions, unexplained infertility, secondary infertility, fibroid tumors, cysts, etc.

Men dealing with low testosterone, stress, low sperm count, poor motility or morphitity and many other reproductive and digestive issues.

What can I expect during a treatment?

Your initial session may last between 90 min and 2 hours. This will include a detailed health background, full treatment, a take home kit as well as tips and suggestions to maximize conception potential, or improve your reproductive health and wellness.

Each session may include:

Reflexology and  Meridian work to stimulate reproductive organs and endocrine glands.

Abdominal massage and deep pelvic friction to help cleanse the digestive system, loosen tight ligaments and muscles, increase circulation to reproductive organs, break up adhesion due to prior  surgeries PCOS or endometriosis, open blocked Fallopian tubes, and re position a tilted uterus.

Jaw release, pelvic rocking and Craniosacral holds to balance alignment, increase relaxation and stress reduction.

Research has shown that the current success rate of conception with fertility massage techniques is between 60% and 80%.
Because each individuals situation is so uniquely different results may vary, however many therapists have seen great success within 5 to 8 consecutive visits.
Please discuss your desired outcome and goals in detail so that  we may create a plan to best suit your individual needs.

Initial Treatment

Subsequent treatments

Modified session

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