Premo's Barber Spa

"Just outside of historic Summerville SC."

Body Care Services

Sea Salt Glow  $65

An invigorating way to bring life back to your skin! Salt which is gathered from the Sea contains many minerals which are essential for your skin's health. Service also includes aromatherapy of your choice.

Sugar or Brown Sugar Scrub  $65

Sugar scrubs are a wonderful way to exfoliate for those who have sensitive skin. Sugar produces glycolic acid, a natural alpha hydroxyl acid that exfoliates your skin and helps reveal a more even tone.

Espresso Scrub  $65

Is your skin looking dull? Do you have a case of the winter blues?
Wake your senses up with an Espresso Scrub!

 Espresso coffee has anti-oxidant ingredients that can help:
~Your skin be free of different radicals that cause dammage,
~Break up fatty deposits which cause those ugly cellulites.
This special blend of grounds, oils and spices will brighten your day and your body!

Revitalizing Hand or Foot Treatment   $15 

Polishes away dead skin to reveal more youthful, soft, supple hands or feet. Exfoliating products are applied, worked in and allowed to penetrate with heated towels. Once removed, a moisturizer is massaged in leaving more youthful looking hands or feet.