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Deep Feet Bar Therapy

Pronounced "Ahhhh-Shiatsu" The word Ashiatsu comes from 'Ashi' meaning foot and 'atsu' meaning pressure. It is an ancient form of bodywork brought to the world by Buddhist monks, is associated with traditional Eastern modalities such as Shiatsu and mixed with traditional western style Swedish.

Origins of Ashiatsu Deep Feet Bar Therapy.

The traditional Ashiatsu treatment took into consideration breathing patterns, emotional states, and focused heavily on diet. The work was done with the recipient clothed and on the floor while the practitioner would use hand and foot pressure to balance the basic principals of change. This form of bodywork is a small part of the very complex system of Traditional Chinese Medicine that requires years of study for true understanding.

Some refer to Ashiatsu as Barefoot Shiatsu massage but the technique has been adapted for Western Civilization making the two modalities quite different.

Although the roots of Ashiatsu are definitely eastern, the technique and application are truly western. The Ashiatsu technique described here is NOT performed on a floor mat or through clothing. The focus here is on western application and sciences using foot compression to deliver Swedish massage as founded by Ruth Hardee.

Techniques described here should not be applied by persons who have not taken a Nationally accredited and approved Ashiatsu course. The success of the procedures depends on their correct use. Improper application of the techniques described in this website can result in injury.

What you can expect at your first treatment

Ashiatsu uses deep compression effleurage strokes that glide over the body. The massage therapist's body weight is used to apply pressure with their feet, sweeping and soothing the muscles to bring about a structural change in chronic soft tissue damage. Correct application will provide deep relaxation and stimulate the lymphatic system of the body.

Your Ashiatsu treatment will start like a standard Swedish massage. You will undress fully and get on the table lying face down. After applying a cream or lotion to the body, the therapist will sit on a stool at your head and start warming your back with her heels. She will then begin the routine standing on the table, using two parallel bars mounted overhead for balance. The massage will address both the back and the front of the body, finishing at the head.

The effects of Ashiatsu, even after one treatment, are quite remarkable. Most people find a deep sense of relaxation and relief, others feel like a giant rolling pin has just rolled out all the knots in their body. It's not uncommon to feel slightly light-headed getting off the table, and drinking lots of water is highly recommended to flush the toxins that have been released out of the body.

Ashiatsu is NOT for everyone!

Contraindications for receiving Ashiatsu

You should NOT receive Ashiatsu if:

You are pregnant or trying to get pregnant
You've head breast implants within the last year
You have skin lesions or varicose veins
You've recently had Lasik or eye surgery
You have TB, thrombosis, aneurysm, kidney disorders
You are on any blood thinning medications
You have uncontrolled high blood pressure
You have a recent injury

If you have further questions regarding this modality, please feel free to call or email!